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Couvert Various types of bread, butter and a specialty from the kitchen per person € 3.00
Classic fillet beef tartar with bread, butter and gherkins 1 person12.95 €
2 people19.95 €
Baked Goats cheese in filo pastry on Algarvien orange carpaccio, walnuts and honey mustard sauce 8.95 €
Baked feta cheese in tomato-garlic salsa and fresh herbs 7.95 €
Fried cauliflower in coconut-panko dough with vegan 8.95 €
Duck Foie Gras pate with baked apple and mashed potatoes 14.95 €
Smoked salmon on crispy potato hash brown, mustard-dill sauce and colourfull salads 8.95 €
Beef Carpaccio with honey mustard sauce served with lettuce and grated parmesan 10.95 €
Garlic prawns with served in a pan with fresh herbs, tomato sauce and piri piri 12.95 €
Mushroom ravioli in truffle-butter sauce and parmesan cheese, served wit a mixed salad 14.95 €
Penne Toskana with Mediterranean vegetables in fruity tomato sauce and parmesan cheese 14.95 €
Penne de la Casa with strips of chicken breast, vegetables and a creamy saffron and white wine sauce 14.95 €
Penne with strips of beef tenderloin and Mediterranean vegetables in creamy tomato sauce and Parmesan 15.95 €
Penne with stripes of salmon, vegetables and creamy white wine-Dill sauce, served with parmesan 15.95 €
Penne with garlic prawns, Mediterranean vegetable, tomato sauce and fresh herbs 16.95 €
Nut roast with creamy onion sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables 16.95 €
Vegetarian penne Bolognese from lentils and courgette with parmesan cheese 14.95 €
Berlin style roasted veal liver with onions and apple in creamy sauce served with mashed potatoes and a salad 16.95 €
Braised lamb shank with a rosemary gravy, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables 18.50 €
Pan fried chicken breast grated with mozarella served with tomato sauce, colourful vegetables and potato au gratin 14.50 €
Chicken Curry with stripes of peppers and courgette, served with Basmati rice 14.50 €
Strips of beef tenderloin Thai style with coconut, curry, chilis, vegetables and basmati rice 16.95 €
“Original Vienna Schnitzel” veal steak in bread crumbs with sautéed potatoes, lingonberry jam and mixed salad 19.95 €
Pan fried tenderloin of beef with homemade herb butter, fresh vegetables and potato gratin 160g 16.95 €
200g 23.95 €
"Moqueka de Gambas" Brazilian prawn curry with coconut, peppers, onions and courgette served with basmati rice and fresh herbs 18.95 €
Fillet of salmon and prawns on fresh vegetables, tomato Sugo on side and potato gratin 15.95 €
Fried fillets of sea bass with an olive oil and garlic sauce, sautéed potatoes and a mixed salad 15.95 €
Pan fried fillets of swordfish with garlic and fresh herbs, sauted potatoes and salad Small portion 15.95 €
Whole portion 21.95 €
Large prawn skewer, no shell and head, with tomato sauce on side, fresh vegetables and potato au gratin 19.95 €

Vat 13% included